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Marshall has the oldest animal shelter in Texas.

In mid-2021, Marshall will go from having the oldest animal shelter in Texas to having the newest! The 50+ year old, inadequate pound-style facility with less than 1500 square feet is being replaced by one nearly five times larger, with state of the art features.The realization of the new Marshall Pet Adoption Center will mean that a major goal of Friends of Marshall Animals has been achieved. It does not mean that we’ll be folding up our tent.

The new center will allow FOMA to devote most of its energy and resources to reducing the city’s euthanasia rate to as close to zero as practicable.

In addition to continuing its robust fostering program, sponsoring numerous fund-raising events, and coordinating public adoption opportunities, FOMA will work with the City of Marshall to establish training programs, spay/neuter clinics, and community outreach programs.

We need lots of volunteers to help us make it happen!


Our animal control takes two to three thousand animals per year into an antiquated 50 year old facility that is less than 1500 square feet. As a consequence, our euthanasia rate is four times higher than the national average. Friends of Marshall Animals is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization committed to supporting the construction of a new animal shelter and decreasing euthanasia at the current Marshall Animal Shelter. It is our mission to help more dogs and cats find homes through adoption events and to support the future new shelter’s needs with fundraising events.

Volunteers are needed to help us raise funds and community awareness.
We also need fosters and photographers to help get animals out of the shelter now.